How to Choose the Best Landry Near Me

Best Landry Near Me

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Laundry Service Near Me

“Clothes make the person.” And though we might balk at the idea, there is some truth to it. For better or worse, people will may judge you by what you wear – and how clean you look. But also, looking good, feels good. And clean clothing definitely adds to that confidence.

But what should you do if you don’t have access to a working washer and dryer in your home? Or, if you simply can’t handle the amount of laundry that you and your family need cleaned?

In that case, you simply need to ask, “How can I find a reliable and affordable laundry service, or wash and fold near me?” Most communities – even small ones – have at least one professional launder service. And many larger towns and cities will have a host to choose from. So, how do you pick the best laundry for your needs? Here are five tips to help.

Tip #1: Search for Your Options

Before you say, “I’ve found the best laundry near me! It’s right down the street…”, you should survey your options. The best laundry service isn’t necessarily the closest one. Go ahead and Google “laundry service near me” or “wash and fold near me” and make a list of all the potential candidates and take a look at their online reviews (Yelp, Google, etc.). Then, take some time to either call or stop by to find out if it’s the right fit.

Tip #2: Survey Your Options

Once you’ve put together a list and labeled it ‘Potential Laundry Services or Wash and Folds Near Me,’ consider the following things to make sure that you find the very best fluff and fold near you:

  • Is it convenient? Do you pass it on the way to work or as you pick up your kids?
  • How much does it cost? Prices can vary wildly when it comes to laundry services. So, it’s a good idea to add up exactly how much you’ll be spending before you decide on the best laundry for you.
  • Does it have the amenities you need? Do they sell detergent and dryer sheets there? Is there an area to fold your clothes once they are washed? Is there a television and/or a seating area? Wi-fi access?
  • What hours are they open? Will their hours give you the time to get your laundry done when it works for you? Is it a 24-hour laundry?
  • Do you feel safe? Is it located in a part of town where you feel comfortable – especially at the hour you’ll be going?
  • Are they non-toxic, eco-friendly? Some professionals use both non-toxic and eco-friendly options, so that you can feel good knowing that you’re not absorbing any harsh chemicals, nor is the plant.
  • How is the staff? Are they friendly? Are they easy to get along with? Do they seem like they’ll be helpful?
  • Are they accredited? This is a question you can directly ask them. Accreditations aren’t easy to come by, and services often reflect such accolades.  
  • Do they offer other services? Check to see if they also do dry-cleaning, leather care, and more. Some business are full-services, and a one-stop shop.
  • Do they offer free pick up and delivery? Finding a laundry that offers free pick up and delivery can be a game changer. If you find a location that offers this, you should seriously consider putting it at the top of your list of options.

After you’ve taken the time to do your research, it’s worth picking out your top favorites to test out.

Tip #3: Test Your Options

The next thing you’ll want to do is actually test your top locations, if you have more than one. Bring a normal load to each one and do your laundry. If you don’t have experience with doing laundry at a wash and fold, you’ll want to keep the following things in mind…

  • Be sure to check your pockets before putting anything in the wash, or having your clothing picked up.
  • If washing on your own, make sure that you’re washing lights and darks separately, so their colors won’t run, no ruin one another.
  • Check the label of each pair of pants and shirt to make sure that you’re washing it according to its directions, in case dry cleaning is needed. Keep in mind, some services will do this for you. Just ask in advance.
  • If washing on your own, do a thorough check of the inside of the washer and dryer before you begin loading your clothes, so you don’t accidentally wind up with someone else’s socks mixed in with yours. And double check when you’re removing your own loads.

Tip #4: Make a Decision

After you’ve gone to your top locations, think about your experience of each one. Reflect on what you liked and what you didn’t like. And if there’s no clear winner, you may want to go back to your list and test out another option. There’s no reason to settle if you’re really not happy about your first choices.

Who knows? You may go to a laundry that’s a little farther away but has everything else you’re looking for. In that case, it may be worth going the extra mile or two in order to truly get what you need in your fluff and fold.

Tip #5: Regularly Review Your Options

Just because you’ve found a laundry you like doesn’t mean you’re married to it. Like any other business, wash and folds come and go. A new one may move in that offers better service – and it may even be closer to you. If you’re feeling like it’s time to change it up, go ahead and research other options again. Ask the questions from tip #2. Do a load or two there. Consider whether they might be a better option for you.

Author: Christina P. Kantzavelos


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