We Wash, Dry & Fold Your Laundry

Take laundry off your to do list

Say Goodbye To The Hassles of Laundry!

Here at Magic Touch Cleaners we understand how much of a hassle it can be to wash and fold laundry when you lead a busy life. Not only is it time-consuming, but it steals precious time away from you.

Maybe you’re a business professional who simply doesn’t have the time to wait for laundry to be washed and neatly folded. Or maybe you’re a busy mom with her hands full, and having your laundry done for you would allow you to spend more quality time with your family.

No matter how busy or hectic your own lifestyle may be (or maybe you simply don’t like doing laundry in general) then we have the perfect solution just for you.

The good news is, here at Magic Touch Cleaners we’re passionate about laundry and we take great pride in offering you the perfect laundry solution to make your life a whole lot easier and less stressful!

Let Us Take Care of Your Laundry Needs

Drop off your laundry at our store or have one our professional and friendly team members pick it up. We’ll then clean it with the highest quality (and Eco-Friendly) solvents, gently dry it, neatly fold it, and have it ready for you to pick up or you can have us deliver it directly to your doorstep. You’ll not only be amazed at how fresh and clean your laundry will look and smell, but it’ll also be nicely organized as well…just the way you deserve.

This way you can focus on your life, enjoy less stress, and have peace of mind knowing that your laundry will be taken care of in a professional and reliable way - each and every time.

What type of garments are suitable for regular wash and fold?

Items that don't need press like Shirts and T-shirts, Pants and Shorts, Undergarments, Socks, Towels and Bed Sheets

We’re Ready To Take Care of Your Laundry Right Now

We understand that everyone has different laundry demands and needs. In order to best cater to your own specific laundry needs, we now offer several unique laundry cleaning options for you to choose from: Per Pound Laundry or one of our highly-convenient subscription plans

Per Pound

What can you expect from our Per Pound Laundry?

  • Your pockets will be checked for anything that can ruin your cloth
  • Your lights and dark's will be washed separably
  • Your laundry will be cleaned according to the label instruction
  • Your items will be cleaned separately from other customers

$2.25 per pound
15 lb minimum

Subscription (20% savings)

What can you expect from our Subscription Laundry?

  • Your clothes will be washed using the same process as our Per Pound Laundry
  • There’s no weight limit. What you fit in the bag it will be washed
  • All plans include 2 day standard delivery, Next-day rush service is available

Small Bag
18 lbs (12" x 18")

Every 2 Weeks $65/monthly

Every week $130/monthly

Large Bag
36 lbs (26" x 15")

Every 2 Weeks $130/monthly

Every week $260/monthly

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