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Your bridal gown may be one of the most important garments you will ever wear, and we would like to ensure that you are able to cherish it forever. Often, bridal gowns are stored away and forgotten, until they emerge, many years later, discolored, stained, permanently creased, and moth ridden. Whether you are wearing something borrowed or second-hand, or if you’d just like to keep your wedding dress in your closet for as long as time allows, then you need to turn to a trusted professional to properly clean and restore it. At Magic Touch Cleaners, we will take exceptional care of your dress as if it was our own. It will receive special cleaning, and restoration, if needed, until it’s finally placed in an acid-free preservation box that ensures your wedding dress stays pristine for generations to come (100-years guaranteed!).

We also service other ceremonial gowns, sentimental garments, and cherished household textiles.

Award-Winning Restoration, Cleaning and Preservation Service

Why Choose Magic Touch Cleaners for Cleaning and Preservation?

We are known for being the best in San Diego, because we place quality over everything. Our reputation for technical excellence is built on years of experience, with obsessive attention to every detail. We also teamed up with the Wedding Gown Preservation Kit from the Wedding Gown Preservation Company (WGPC) to expertly clean and preserve your gown. In addition…

  • We help you navigate the preservation process for your wedding dress or garment by providing expert advice
  • We use premium, virgin, and eco-friendly solvents specifically designed for wedding gowns, and ceremonial garments
  • We treat your gown with respect and pride as if it were our own
  • We offer free pick-up and shipping in San Diego

Your wedding gown, or other ceremonial garment is carefully cleaned with eco-friendly and gentle solvents to preserve it for years and prevent any future damage to the product. Then, it’s placed in a special viewing chest that is acid-free and easy to store. Your wedding dress will not suffer the damaging effects caused by both time and the environment, and you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. A process that’s both sustainable for your closet, and the planet.

A few facts about the museum-quality WCPC cleaning and preservation

  • The hand cleaning, hand finishing, restoration and archival preservation of the bridal gown is a scientifically informed discipline. There is a growing body of scientific research on the process of textiles, including bridal gowns, and how they deteriorate over time.
  • System K4 is used by museum textile conservators for preservation, and now it is being used for dresses. Your dress will be considered museum quality.
  • It is 100% safe for the environment, non-toxic, and harmless to humans
  • It is able to remove most water soluble (grass, food and dirt) and lyophilic (fat, oils and grease) stains, including the ones you cannot see with your naked eye but are still harmful to your garment.
  • Removes all orders, including smoke
  • Offers protection, and a 100-year guarantee against any future ‘graying or ‘yellowing’ of fabric
  • It’s safe on delicate fabrics, beading, sequins and other embellishments
  • There is a chance that we can restore your gown even if it’s been contaminated by water, smoke, soot, fire, mold, mildew and/or humidity as a result of a flood or fire.

What Happens During the Wedding Dress Restoration Process?

Upon receiving your gown, it goes through an intense fabric analysis to determine which treatment(s) will be the most effective to prevent fabric wear and staining, to yellowing and graying. Once the fabric is restored, the dress goes through a multi-point inspection to check for loose adornments, fabric pull and, if needed, a full replacement of lace, fabric, beads or buttons. Each wedding dress that is restored goes through a final restoration treatment that prevents the dress from graying or yellowing, and allows the dress to be worn again in the future. All dresses are given a 100 year anti-yellowing guarantee.

Services Offered

Pre-Wedding Hand-Finishing

For those who would like to be ‘walk-down-the-aisle’ ready. We are able to hand-finish your bridal gown, as well as your bridesmaid dresses, and mother-of-the-bride ensembles.


Our expert tailors can provide minor to major alterations, with the highest quality, precision and reliability. Regardless of the condition, we will ensure your gown is perfect for your perfect day.


If you have acquired a family heirloom, or purchased your dress used, and it has yellowed or grayed with time, that’s ok. You can trust that we have the expertise, skills and experience to clean and restore to a near original condition.

Post Wedding Cleaning and Hand-Finishing

After your wonderful day, you can have us clean and hand finish your dress. We will then preserve it to the highest museum quality standards by placing it in our acid-free storage box that protects against soil, dust, insects and more.

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Does my wedding gown need to be restored?
We recommend restoring the dress if it’s over 20 years-old, or if there is a yellow or gray tint to it.
How long does the process take?
Depending on the condition, your dress and take anywhere from 5-7 weeks. We also offer rush processing, if needed, to shorten the turnaround time.
Do you have Free Pick-Up and Drop-Off?
Yes, we provide free pick-up and drop-off of your dress and/or garments.
Can I make personal appointments?
We welcome appointments. Please call us to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

Do You Have Additional Questions About Restoring Your Gown, Garments of Household Textiles?

We are happy to answer any of your questions. Call us 619-281-0031 for a free consultation today!


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Still not convinced?

At Magic Touch Cleaners, we pride ourselves in practicing the best conservation, restoration, cleaning, and finishing processes. Our materials are the same ones used by the finest museums in the world to preserve their costume and textile collections. It’s the most effective method in protecting textiles from the deteriorating effects of soil, dust, mold, mildew, light, insects, and indoor and pollutant gases, temperature changes, humidity and physical handling.

We look forward to taking care of you, and your dress soon!