Tips for Buying Jeans Online

Shopping jeans online

If you’re looking to buy jeans online, there’s several key points you want to look over before making this purchase. Jeans are one of those articles of clothing that can be hit or miss and finding the perfect fit can be a complicated process. If you’re wondering how to buy jeans online, here are 10 tips to make sure you nail securing that perfect pair of denim.

Take your measurements (Waist and inseam)

Measuring yourself is the first step to finding jeans online that fit your body perfectly. Taking your measurements is easy. All you need is a measuring tape or even just a string and a ruler.

Using a flexible measuring tape or string, wrap it around the smallest part of your waist while relaxing your stomach and standing normal. Make sure to keep the tape measure snug to your body but not tight.

Make sure to also measure your hips as well. This is the widest part between your waist and your thighs.

For the length, you might need to have someone help you, or you can utilize another pair of jeans you like. To measure the length you have to measure the inseam, from the crotch to the where you want your jeans to stop at the bottom.

Measure a pair of jeans you own 

What better way to find a pair of jeans online that fit exactly how you like them than measuring a pair you already like. Sometimes if you like them a bit baggier or a bit tighter than usual, it’s difficult to trust that the size suggested online will fit to your exact liking. To get your waist, measure the top back side of the jeans and double that number. To get length, simply measure the inseam.

Compare to model and fit guide

There are a couple of helpful guidelines on clothing websites that will help you determine if a pair of jeans that you find perfect are actually going to work for you.

Check out the men’s jeans fit guide on the website you choose. This showcases measurements across the board and then suggests the size with this specific pair of jeans you should get based on those measurements.

It is also helpful to look at the product details, which sometimes show the model’s measurements. It can be helpful to compare yourself to the model’s measurements to get a feel how they actually look on a person’s body.

Do some brand research 

Of course there are a ton of different jeans brands out there with their unique style. Levi’s, for example, are known for that classic not too loose but not too tight fit, indigo blue style, and Holister has more modern, youthful fits and styles. You want to find the best place to buy jeans for your specific look.

The goal is to figure out the best jeans brands for you that you like and fit your style. If you don’t know your exact style and the way you like jeans to fit, make sure you do some research on that as well. Although each brand has different styles within their company, it’s clear that some specialize in one area. If you’re wondering where to buy jeans, there’s also are a ton of different online articles on jeans to help you figure out the brand that fits your style the best.

Trust the reviews 

A lot of online clothing stores showcase reviews. Some even have in depth charts on how true-to-size a pair of jeans are, if they fit looser than normal or tighter. Make sure to read over these reviews and see pictures that actual people have taken for reference. This will show you what they actually fit and look like outside the studio they were photographed in.

 Check the product details 

While buying jeans online is difficult enough based on the sizing, making sure you take extra precaution to the actual quality of the jeans can be crucial. A pair of jeans might look super soft on the model but actually are very stiff, or you might have been looking for a pair of stretchy jeans and accidentally buy some with no elastic whatsoever.

This is why looking at the product details tab is so important. Knowing the type of material in your jeans can make or break the experience, regardless of the fit.

Order two sizes 

This one’s a no brainer but something many people don’t consider when shopping online for that perfect pair of jeans. A good rule of thumb is to look at how the jeans run, which some online stores add to product description. If they run a bit smaller, get another pair one size larger than what you think you should, and vise versa if they run larger.

Make sure they have free returns 

This is extremely important for buying jeans online. Especially if you decide you want to try a couple different options to ensure you get the right fit, you definitely don’t want to be stuck with a pair that won’t do you any good. There are many different types of jeans for men.