How to Best Care for Cashmere Garments and Clothing

Cashmere Care

How to Best Care for Cashmere Garments and Clothing

Cashmere is one of the most luxurious, soft and high maintenance fabrics you’ll ever own. If you own any garments made from it, or plan to further your wardrobe, then we have the tips necessary to ensure you get the most longevity out of your beautiful cashmere item(s) and your wallet. Here are our personal and pain-free recommendations:

When to Clean:

Wash your cashmere after two to three wears, or as needed.


If you’ve ever owned cashmere, then you probably know that pilling is a ‘thing’ that just happens. Don’t worry! This is just a sign of friction, rather than a sign of cheap fabric. You can easily remove pills with a bristled garment brush, or a cashmere comb (yes, cashmere is a fabric so fancy that it needs its own comb).

Washing and Drying:

If you decide to forgo taking your cashmere to a professional cleaner, and instead, hand or machine wash it yourself, then we recommend the following to keep your cashmere sweater, scarf, dress, or any other cashmere garment looking and feeling fresh:

  • Hand washing – This is the preferred way to clean your cashmere. Fill the area you plan to handwash your item(s) in with cold water, and a mild detergent like baby shampoo, Woolite or dish soap. Ensure your cashmere soaks for at least five minutes prior to rinsing thoroughly. Do not wring your cashmere, as it will stretch it. Place your clothing flat on a drying rack, or between two towels to properly dry.
  • Washing Machine – For those who don’t have time to wash by hand, this is the next best option. Place your garment(s) in either a mesh or laundry bag prior to placing in the machine. Select the gentle cycle with cold water. And have it dry the same way you would if you were to hand wash it. Do not put your cashmere clothes in the dryer. Again, letting a professional take care of it is the most ideal, as cashmere loves to be dry cleaned.

Stain Removal:

If you’re a human, then you know that stains happen. If it happens to your cashmere, don’t panic. We’ve got the tools for you to turn back time.

  • Drinks (i.e. tea, coffee or red wine) – Rub the stain with a cloth dipped in a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water. Stay away from soap and detergents, as they may actually set the stain rather than help remove it.
  • Chocolate – Dip a cloth in liquid detergent and gently rub the stain. Do not scrub hard.
  • Grease (including makeup) – Blot the stain, and then pre-treat by soaking your garment in mild shampoo.

After completing any of these treatments, rinse your cashmere in cold water and let it dry on a drying rack or between two towels. Voila! You’ve turned back time.


Properly storing your cashmere will help sustain it for the longest amount of time. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind.


  • Fold your cashmere in a clean, cool, and dry place.
  • When storing it away for the season, make sure to wash it first before (moths are attracted to human scent) placing it in a breathable garment bag, or storage box. Ensure that the area they are stored is both cool, and dry area.
  • When storing, wrap each piece of cashmere in acid-free tissue paper to prevent wrinkles.
  • If you’re trying to repel moths or other insects, then place some cedar wood moth repellents in the storage area. Tip: This also works for closets!

-Don’t hang your cashmere dresses or sweaters, as it will distort the shoulder areas, and the garment may lose its original shape.

Author: Christina P. Kantzavelos

Who is ready to enhance their wardrobe with some cashmere pieces? You’ll look and feel great wearing it, and your wallet, wardrobe and the planet will thank you for properly sustaining it.