What is Dry Cleaning?

Whats Dry Cleaning
It’s no secret: Dry Cleaning has always been IN. However Dry Cleaning has always been like that of a famous person who rarely does interviews: they’re well known but you don’t really know much about them….
Surely, we may know that “The Cleaners” is the place where we send our “good” clothes, but what else beyond that?

What is Dry Cleaning? Like, really. And what are the benefits?

Now for starters, I’m only assuming you care because you’re reading these words. That’s the first step and two, (drumroll, please…) because you like nice things. And also, because I like nice things. For the amount of money I was spending on my clothes, I wanted to learn how to properly care for them. To add to that, back in the day I used to buy cheap. I called them “one hit wonder” clothes because they’d be replaced by another new installment of cheap, trendy “show looks” every few months or so.

There are several retail clothing stores that do very well in executing the image of the latest fashion trend without adhering to the same standard of good quality. I was but one of legions, who bought into the “quick fix” “one-stop-shop” way of living before starting to feel like a statistic to the successes of brand-marketing strategy and consumer retention. This cycle of cheap, trendy buying began to grow very old for me, and it also slowly started to make me feel cheap as well.

To take it a step further, let me put it to you this way: just like having a dirty nose or a nasty whitehead without knowing it, when you get a stain on your shirt—it’s the same as when someone is talking about blood and guts or roaches while you’re eating your favorite meal. It’s utterly repulsive quite so and it kills everything. Even worse is if you’re caught in the act completely unaware to the people around you who, without wanting to, will look and stare. They will look and stare at you and your stain, analyzing the you of before vs. the you of after for a few short moments. Guaranteed it will be a slight bruise to the ego, for sure.

Stareing Man On Stain

But rest assured, they won’t care…it’s just what we do as people….

And at the end of the day, no one really cares.

As far as caring goes, in that moment it will oddly feel as though you are the only one who does…. And the world will have felt much more of a colder place than it ever had before.

Your garment, meanwhile, is on the gurney with a short life span and you and only you hold the power to restore or ruin its life….

So, what is Dry Cleaning? And what are the benefits?

Almost there.
Real quick, I wanted to ask you this: You work hard to purchase quality clothes because you like them and because you deserve them, right?
Careful, that can be a trick question….

Anyhow, the same concept goes hand-in-hand when caring for your garments. Think of it simply as the return on your investment

Dry Cleaning is the process of using organic solvents to eliminate soil and stains from fabrics. Hence the name, this process involves using minimal amounts of water. When delicate fabrics are traditionally machine-washed, water alone without the bond of an organic solvent cannot completely remove soils and stains. At Magic Touch Cleaners, Dry Cleaning with the use of organic solvents dissolves and removes grease and oil stains. In the same manner, a variety of specialized procedures are performed in our stores when treating specific stains on your garment. The myth of Dry Cleaning being a luxury is actually quite far from the truth when properly understood as being a necessity.
And while that notorious wash tag amidst all its symbols does specify how to allegedly care for the fabric, from experience, a good rule of thumb I’ve learned is to actually ask your specialist at the cleaners and have them make that decision for you. Call upon the breadth of their knowledge and professional experience so you won’t have to spend the time fishing for those answers yourself.

At Magic Touch Cleaners we simplify the process and take your care and concerns as serious as the quality care and professional service we strive to provide, garment for garment.

A basic breakdown of the benefits of Magic Touch Dry Cleaning include the following:

  • Quality Care and Attention to Detail
  • Convenient and Efficient
  • Saves Time
  • Prolongs the life of your garments
  • Restores garments to a “Like New” condition
  • Protects and preserves fabric quality, value and appearance
  • Organic Eco-Friendly solvents without the use of harmful chemicals to Mother Nature or the Special Person reading these words
  • Wet Cleaning
  • Odor Removal
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Alterations
  • Treatment of various other items (i.e. rugs, sofa covers, large-size comforters,

Put your trust in Magic Touch Cleaners and let us live up to our name by bringing your garments (like the one mentioned on the gurney earlier) fully restored and back to life.
Routine quality care. Routine quality service. Come one stain, come all.

Make Magic Touch Cleaners your #1 go-to for all of your Dry Cleaning needs!